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90 Day Fiancé: Mike Shocks By Revealing What Natalie Did On Christmas

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Episode 13 of

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

sees Mike Youngquist telling the cameras what exactly Natalie Morodovtseva did when she reportedly dumped him on Christmas Eve 2020.

Mike’s cousin Uncle Beau

was the first to confirm that Mike and Natalie were not together anymore after getting married in April last year. Bojangles spoke of Natalie leaving for good and that she wasn’t pregnant, and in a more recent interview revealed that she lied to Mike about going to meet Tamara and dumping him on Christmas Eve. While more details of what caused Mike and Natalie to break up were unknown,

90 Day Fiancé

has now exposed a lot of things.

Ever since the infamous Tulsa incident with Mike’s mother, Trish Youngquist, allegedly calling Natalie a “


” the

90 Day Fiancé

couple have been fighting continuously. A previous episode showed

Natalie ghosting Mike on the day

of her nose surgery over the same issue again. Natalie claimed that communication with Mike was hard, and he was manipulating and gaslighting her. But when prodded during a confessional, she dialed Trish and finally asked her about the “


” comment. “

I never ever came close to calling you a hooker or anything else

,” claimed Trish. However, this conversation opened a can of worms, causing

90 Day Fiancé

star Mike to lash out at Natalie over the stunt she supposedly pulled during Christmas.


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A fan on


posted a clip from

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Why I get mad at you is ‘cause you don’t be nice to my son

,” accused Trish in the video, who added that Natalie manipulates Mike “

all the time.

" According to Trish, Natalie doesn’t love Mike, which is evident through the way she behaves and acts. “

Who picks a fight with their husband on Christmas Eve and goes to Seattle? That’s not a wife,

” claimed Trish. Natalie asked, “

Do you know that, do you know that why?

” This is when Mike seemingly lost his cool and shouted, “

What happened on Christmas


Mike asked Natalie about their first Christmas together as a married couple. He asked, “

First Christmas, how many gifts did I get you, Natalie? What did you do with all my gifts?

Mike questioned Natalie before calling her "



,” and she revealed that she went to Juliana's place and gave all the “

lovely gifts

” to her and her whole family. “

This is true, yes,

” admitted Natalie, after which Trish, who was still present on the call, asked her, “

What are you telling your friends when you’re giving all of this stuff to them

?” Mike declared that this is not how “

a wife acts in any country,

” and he didn’t care about what language Natalie spoke or “

anything else.

Mike referred to Natalie as a “

7-year-old throwing a tantrum

” while asking her to “

get with the program or get out.

” Mike also shockingly revealed that Natalie did come back after Christmas but has only stayed with him “

one night

” since. Natalie then confessed to having a room at Juliana's house, where she goes because they “

fight a lot.

” Natalie tried to blame this on Mike not being home, when he fought back by saying that it is she who’s never home. Mike said the infamous

90 Day Fiancé

line, “

I’m done,

” and left the confessional set, but

Natalie kept claiming that she’s the one

always apologizing. Episode 13 of

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

ended with her saying, “

What he expects me to do? Love him forever after that? I’m sorry. I’m not.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

streams Fridays on Discovery+ and airs Sundays at 8pm on TLC.


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