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Pokémon cards: finally French boosters in stock at the right price!

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Buying Pokémon cards at a normal price is possible

The “Pokémania” of the early 2000s is indeed back. And again, in the early 2000s, there was no talk of completely indecent prices or almost permanent out of stocks for Pokémon cards. Today, both the card game and the collection are more popular than ever.

In this context, it has become extremely complicated to get your hands on a Pokémon booster in French at normal price. When supermarkets manage to have a little stock, they are robbed by adults who spend thousands of euros either out of passion or in the gloomy hope of taking advantage of the shortage to resell their loot at a high price. while riding the desperation of fans and parents.

Suddenly, when we see booster appear on the web on a site as reliable as that of Fnac at the normal market price (i.e. € 5.99 per booster. Remember that tobacconists even allow themselves to go up to € 7 or 8 € for a few months), we owe it to you to warn you.

A bit like for the PS5, we advise you not to delay too much to order, or even to stock up (in case you want to offer some at Christmas for example).

Buy Pokémon Fusion Fist boosters for € 5 at Fnac

Pokémon TCG: the latest Poing de Fusion booster packs are available at Fnac!

The Fusion Fist expansion is the latest to be released. Among all the ultra-rare cards to pick up, 2 muses are highlighted: Mew in VMax format and the terrifying Ectoplasma Gigamax.

The Fusion Fist extension is:

Over 260 different cards

20 powerful Pokémon-V and 8 gigantic Pokémon-VMAX

Over 20 new Fusion Fist cards

New Final Fist and Thousand Fist cards

20 Trainer cards and a new Special Energy card

If you know a bit about TCG, and therefore the card game behind the collection, be aware that this expansion is likely to impact the meta quite a bit. Fist of Fusion is intended to be a synthesis between the Thousand Fist Style and the Final Fist Style, enough to create more successful recent decks.

Buy Pokémon Fusion Fist boosters for € 5 at Fnac