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Emplacement: Accueil / La technologie / Que fait un gestionnaire de sécurité informatique?

Que fait un gestionnaire de sécurité informatique?

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IT security managers need to have a passion for learning and critical-thinking skills, as well as understand intrusion prevention and detection.


Enterprise cybersecurity departments are led by well-trained and highly educated cybersecurity managers. They lead teams of IT professionals whose job is to keep the business IT infrastructure safe and to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

Cybersecurity managers are equal parts technologist and manager. They must be conversant in modern security software, protocols, practices and regulations. They must also have managerial skills to work across departments and interact with upper management.

What skills and knowledge does a cybersecurity manager need?

Skills for cybersecurity managers fall into two categories: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills relate to technology, while soft skills are managerial. Both skill sets are necessary to be a good manager.

What does an IT security manager do?

Hard skills include the following:

Soft skills include the following:

What are a cybersecurity manager's responsibilities?

Cybersecurity managers' technical works falls into two categories: monitoring and maintenance. Here are some of those tasks:

How to become a cybersecurity manager

A bachelor's degree in cybersecurity is a good start, but to truly excel, a master's in cybersecurity management is essential.

The Cybersecurity Guide website lists what it considers the 75 top master's programs from around the nation. It includes online courses from schools such as University of California, Berkeley; Virginia Tech; Arizona State University; and Washington University.

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What is cyber hygiene and why is it important?

There are also online learning organizations that offer recognized and accredited programs in cybersecurity. These are not college degree programs, but they do offer certificate programs that are mandatory for cybersecurity professionals of all levels. Programs include CISSP and Information Systems Security Management Professional.

Learn more here about the difference between certifications and degrees.

How much does a cybersecurity IT manager make?

Comparably, a site that specializes in salary comparisons, said the average cybersecurity manager in the U.S. makes $117,580 per year. Managers in San Francisco make the most at $172,000 annually -- 46% higher than the U.S. average.

Job recruitment site ZipRecruiter said the average annual pay is $136,625 a year, with a high of $171,000. Glassdoor puts the average at $122,730, with a high of $191,000.

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