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Location: Home / Article / How to get your Digital Covid Cert onto your phone- full instructions for iPhone and Android

How to get your Digital Covid Cert onto your phone- full instructions for iPhone and Android

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As plans are put in place to reopen indoor dining there has been much focus on the use of Covid-19 Digital Certs.

Last week the government began issued Covid certs to people across the country which will be used to facilitate travel within the EU.

The certs are being issued to people who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19 within the past six months.

It is yet to be confirmed what role the certificate will have in the reopening of indoor dining.

The certs are being both posed out to people in physical paper forms as well as being emailed to people in the form of a pdf file.

But people are now being urged to get their certs added to their phones.

There are two main ways for you to get your Covid-19 Green Cert onto your smartphone.

The EU Digital Covid Cert

The first way is through the Covid-19 tracker app which was launched launched last year is the first way you can get your cert on your phone.

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The app has since been updated with a button which will read Register EU Digital Covid Certificate.

By clicking this button it will allow you to take a picture of the 'QR Code' which is the square on the bottom of your cert that looks similar to a bar code.

After this your name, date of birth and proof of vaccination will be displayed which.

The second way which you can get your cert on your phone is through a third party app.

If you're using an Android phone you can download the app Greenpass which is totally free.

For iPhone users you can head to the web app Covid19passbook.netlify.app on the Safari browser on your phone which will let you upload the cert.

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