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Trip Report: What's Changed Onboard Qatar Airways? Qatar ...

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I recently flew with

Qatar Airways

from Dubai, via Doha, to Los Angeles. It was my first time flying Qatar Airways for quite some time. They just re-started their service to Dubai in January, when the blockade on Qatar was removed.

Dubai Airport Duty Free with Golden Palm Tree

Dubai to Doha on the B787 Dreamliner

My first flight was on-board the

Qatar Airways

B787-8 Dreamliner, with registration A7-BCX, a short 50 minute hop from Dubai to Doha. We departed in foggy weather from Dubai at 05:30. The flight was quite full, with lot of the pax being made up of connecting passengers (most heading to the UK, as the UK recently banned direct flights to/from the UAE due to COVID concerns).

Here is a video of the entire 50 minute Dubai to Doha flight on the

Qatar Airways

B787 Dreamliner.

Despite the short sector, the Qatar Airways crew still managed to serve a full meal on this short flight! I got served the meal during the start of descent, but managed to finish it within 10 minutes.

Al Mourjan Premium Lounge, Doha

During my transit through Doha Hamad International Airport, I visited the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge. I was given a tour and got to see what’s changed inside the lounge.

The lounge restaurant upstairs continues to serve a full buffet, with 2 serving stations across each side and a bar in the middle. There were lot of food and beverage options available, all served by an attentive staff. Overall the lounge has a very premium feel. The lounge has also installed social distancing measures wherever possible and it was quite full in the restaurant, given the reduced number of tables.

Buffet at Al Mourjan Premium Lounge

Buffet at Al Mourjan Premium Lounge

The day before my travel was the start of Chinese New Year. I celebrated it in Qatar Airways Lounge, as they had some decorations on the tables and had prepared a special menu. All the facilities were open, such as the quiet zone, showers and the deli, with ample seating available.

Al Mourjan Premium Lounge

Al Mourjan Premium Lounge - Shower facility

Doha to Los Angeles on A350-1000

My next flight was on-board

Qatar Airways

A350-1000 to Los Angeles (Registration A7-ANN). Flight time was over 15 hours, flying over the North Pole (87 degrees in latitude). The flight was equipped with the award-winning QSuite in Business Class.

The entire flight was very light on pax, with less than 100 passengers on-board. February is traditionally a low travel season, but this year it was worse due to the quarantine restrictions recently put in place in California.

Qatar Airways Flight Attendant dressed in PPE with masks and visors

Amenity Kit and Protective Kit from Qatar Airways

Pyjamas in Qatar Airways Business Class

My QSuite 9A is a rearward facing Qsuite that gives a great view of the leading edge of the wing and engine

On Qatar Airways A350-1000, there are a total 46 QSuites across 2 cabins. The second cabin has a more private feel, with just 2 rows. Odd numbered seats are rearward facing, with even numbered seats being forward facing. The aisle seats on each side also have window views.

Once seated inside the QSuite I felt cocooned in privacy, with my own wall panels separating me from the other passengers.

QSuite Business Class on Qatar Airways

QSuite Business Class on Qatar Airways

We took-off 30 minutes late, as we were number 15 in line for departure. The high volume of airport traffic in Doha made it feel like pre-covid times. Qatar Airways has also recently launched flights to San Francisco and Seattle in the US.

Climbing out of Doha with the Skyline behind

A brunch was served after take-off, but you could order food at anytime

Poached lobster tail for a starter

I enjoyed my brunch with a great tail camera view of the flight

My main course was Chicken Machboos with fragrant rice

Flying over Iran, then Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, Russia and heading towards the North Pole

We flew past some great scenery en route, it was amazing to look out of the window and to be able to appreciate nature from 40,000 ft.

In terms of Wi-Fi, Business Class passengers are entitled to 1 hour free internet; there is also an option to buy access for the entire flight for $10, which, all things considered, is a great price.

Wi-Fi on Qatar Airways

Wi-Fi on Qatar Airways

Given that the flight was very empty, the flight attendants where pro-actively offering customers the opportunity to try out the double beds; as all the middle QSuites were unoccupied. They set up the bed for me and, of course, I got some pictures of me in it.

As we continued our heading over the North Pole, the light started to fade into darkness. The same route would be in complete daylight during the summer.

I woke up after a few hours and we were already flying over Canada. I took advantage of the anytime menu and tried out the beef goulash and afternoon tea.

The rest of the ultra long-haul flight was spent relaxing, watching movies and I ate one more time before landing; cauliflower soup and grilled sea bass, both were excellent.

We continued flying Southward from Canada, towards the State of California.

Don’t miss the amazing Qatar Airways A350-1000 tail camera view of the landing into LAX.


It’s been a good while since my last flight with Qatar Airways, I was curious to find out what, if anything, had changed on their service due to the pandemic. The Qsuite Business Class was just as phenomenal as I remembered it to be, very little had changed. The level of customer service received from the crew was fantastic, even if the flight was rather empty! Watch the full interactive vlog for all the details.