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WhatsApp: Any iPhone models application will stop working

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WhatsApp has announced that it will stop working on iPhone models that do not have iOS 10 or higher, (Photo: Wiki Commons)

WhatsApp has announced that it will stop using iPhone models that do not have iOS 10 or higher.

, So he suggested using the most up-to-date version of the system. Expect to find stickers with better functionality, text and new emojis in these new update messages.

“We do not explicitly restrict the use of jailbroken or open devices. However, due to changes in device performance caused by these changes,

We cannot provide support if the iPhone has a modified version of the operating system

”, The company reported through its official page.

What else,

Mobile phone users with iOS 9 system, version launched in 2015, will not be able to install WhatsApp.

Those with an older version will not lose access


If it is already installed, it will start to lose functionality.

Users with mobile phones with iOS 9 system, version launched in 2015, will not be able to install WhatsApp (Photo: Robert Gunther / DPA)

Some computers that cannot update to the latest version of WhatsApp are older than the iPhone 4s, with updates to version iOS 9.3.6,

Older version than required to install application changes. Similarly,

System updates will not run on products such as the iPad 2 and 3, and the iPod Mini 1 and iPod Touch 5G.

In contrast, devices



iOS 10 is the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 and Plus SE. It should be noted that all models from the iPhone 5 can upgrade their system to iOS 10.3.4.


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To find out the operating system of the device, you can enter the menu, go to the “Configuration” area and then go to “General” and then select the “Info” option to see what

Software version


Apple is expected to release its latest computer update iOS 15 in September.

. According to media reports on technology,

The next version of the software challenges customization

Some of its innovations may be presentation mode in FaceTime. It is said that


By default the classification of applications to be selected and the exclusive application for magnified reality will appear on the lock screen.

Looking for stickers with text and new emojis that provide better functionality in these new update messages (Photo: Andrew Horror / Bloomberg)

On the other hand, in

The latest WhatsApp updates

, There are new privacy and security measures for news and backups uploaded to the cloud. What else,

Allows the app to set a password to protect the data of chats and multimedia files stored in the cloud

, Prevents access to this data by third parties.

Press Information


Confirms it

The platform also includes self-destructive messages

. These messages, also known as “temporary messages”, can be deleted automatically seven days after they are sent, and this option can be used in group chats or between users who enable this functionality on their cell phones.

Another innovation that could come to WhatsApp is to recreate voice notes at high speed, as happens on the Telegram news site.

. This was reported a few weeks ago


The website, launched in 2017, reports and analyzes news




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