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6 of the best dash cams for recording your every move

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The thing about dash cams is that most people don't realise how useful these

little cameras

are until it's too late. A lot of drivers have either had an accident or been involved in an incident on the roads, and have really regretted not being equipped with a dash cam.

Alternatively, you might simply be risk-averse and sensible, and you're planning on investing in a dash cam before you're filled with regrets. Whether you are planning ahead or making sure you're never caught out again, we can help you find the perfect dash cam for you and your car.


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We've put together a dash cam buying guide with everything you need to know about the little cameras that could end up saving you a lot of cash. We've tried to answer all your questions, and highlighted a selection of models that are worth considering.

What is a dash cam?

Newsflash: Dash cam is short for dashboard camera. We know this shocking news will be tough to take, but pull yourself together. We've got plenty more ground to cover.

Dash cams are little cameras that record everything happening on the road.

Credit: garmin

Dash cams are


that record everything happening on the road ahead (and behind with some models). These clever devices offer peace of mind, because drivers know that the police and insurers can find out exactly what happened in the case of any sort of accident on the road. Dash cams make sure that the reality of a situation is recorded, so there is no confusion or blame game.

How do dash cams work?

Most people are fairly familiar with dash cams, but don't know how they actually work. It's really not that complicated, guys.

Very simply, dash cams record footage of exactly what’s going on around your car. The recording will continue on a loop, with new footage automatically taking the place of unimportant footage. The best dash cams come with a built-in sensor that detects any sudden changes in force, meaning that a recording of the incident is saved to the memory card. This can't be overwritten by anything, so you can review the recording of the incident.

What are the most important dash cam features?

Something that becomes clear when you research any sort of device are the features that matter most. When it comes to dash cams, there are a few things that you should always consider before making any sort of decision.

We have researched everything there is to know about dash cams, and these are the most important features to look out for:

Video quality

— This might seem obvious, but video quality is pretty important. It doesn't matter if your dash cam manages to capture an incident if the video quality is so bad that you can't actually see anything clearly. You're likely to come across plenty of dash cams offering


and ultra HD video, which could be really useful if you need to see something far away like a number plate.

Viewing angle

— Most of the dash cams offer a viewing angle of 140 degrees, which is similar to that of the human eye. Look for something with a higher viewing angle if you desperately want to cover what's going on at the side of your vehicle. It's also worth pointing out that dash cams can be placed at the front or rear of your car, and that there are dash cam kits with both front and rear cameras. It's all about making sure that your angles are covered.


— High quality recordings can take up a lot of space, so you need a decent amount of storage. If a dash cam doesn't offer a lot of storage, you'll be constantly deleting footage to make room for more. That's going to quickly get annoying. Most dash cams don't come with a memory card, so you have to purchase this separately. This goes without saying, but make sure the memory card you're buying is compatible with your dash cam.


— This feature is especially important when it comes to accidents.

GPS technology

automatically adds a location to any important recordings, which means you will always know exactly where any incidents took place. This can be crucial when making a claim.

Voice activation

— It's not safe to take your hands off the wheel when driving, so

voice activation

is a really useful safety feature. The best dash cams let you control everything with just your voice, so you can focus on what's going on around you.

Video quality is probably the most important feature to look out for in a dash cam.

Credit: geko

When it comes to picking a dash cam, it's best to think about what features matter most to you, and then weigh up every device against your set of priorities. This should ensure that you end up with a dash cam that doesn't disappoint.

What are the best dash cams?

At this point you should know a thing or two about dash cams, and hopefully you feel ready to make a purchase decision. The only problem is that there are absolutely loads of products out there with relatively similar sets of features. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way of highlighting a selection of impressive devices, so that you could pick from only the very best options? This is where we can help.

We've checked out everything on offer and lined up a bunch of the best dash cams from top brands like






, and more leading providers. There is something for every driver, car, and budget on this list. All you need to do is pick a favourite.

These are the best dash cams in 2021.