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What is a Stringless Guitar

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Every young man who loves pop music. They all yearn to have a guitar of their own. Guitars are not necessarily expensive and perfect. But it must have a clear and clean tone, with a lingering sound. Our life is more than just studying and working. There is also poetry and music. When starting to play the guitar. Your heart will calm down when you pluck the strings lightly. But when you are not satisfied with this heavy guitar in your hand. Want more sounds, more convenient to carry. Consider a stringless guitar.

1. What is a stringless guitar

At present, the popular guitars on the market are acoustic guitars and electric guitars. They all have different ways of sounding. The principle of acoustic guitar sound is to resonate the strings. The vibration wave then interacts with the resonance box to make a sound. The electric guitar strings vibrate, generate electricity through magnetism, and amplify the electrical signal. Then the sound is emitted through the sound circuit. In recent years, technology has continued to advance, and music has also continued to evolve. People's requirements for music are getting higher and higher. Traditional sound equipment can no longer satisfy people's hearing experience. At this time, the appearance of stringless guitars brought new surprises to the guitar industry.

A stringless guitar is a guitar without strings. It is entirely through the sensor to generate high and low levels to stimulate the built-in single-chip microcomputer. The signal generated by the single-chip microcomputer is sent to the speaker through the amplifying circuit. So as to make a sound. This guitar is equipped with a built-in infrared sensor. It can emit infrared rays and the length is about 30cm. Simply cut off the infrared rays by playing the guitar, and the built-in speaker will emit sound. The tilt sensor equipped on the guitar can also achieve a simulation effect by tilting the guitar. Give you a better experience.

2.What are stringless guitarsMax Battaglia concept guitar

Max Battaglia stringless guitarThis is a brand new concept guitar proposed by Max Battaglia Desi

gn Studio. Its design is to change the traditional guitar strings into a multimedia touch screen. This change is beneficial. Stringless guitars can adjust the number of strings according to different ideas. You can also adjust the sound effects. The stringless guitar uses a touch screen. Greatly changed the previous situation where there was no way to play if the strings were broken. It adopts simulation design, which is almost the same as traditional guitars. Every function is the same as a traditional guitar. So that you will not feel difficult to operate when using.

Nomad is a guitar that you can take with you. It has no case, no strings, or even just a piece of silicone sheet. Although there is no sound when flipping the sheet. It can emit sound through a headset or a Bluetooth-connected device. This is a more convenient and technological sense of a stringless guitar. It was designed by Orit Dolev, an industrial designer who focuses on physical and digital experiences. Nomad’s portability and design allow us to create and share music anytime and anywhere.

The emergence of the stringless guitar also set off a wave of revolution in the musical instrument world.Stringless guitars combine music with technology to provide convenience for people who love Musical Instruments but cannot carry them easily.Guitar, as a relatively easy entry of western Musical Instruments, has been deeply loved by music lovers.The number of people who enjoy playing the guitar keeps growing.Because stringless guitars are easy to carry, combined with technology, stringless guitars are bound to become the choice of most guitar lovers in the future.