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8 ways to click that perfect shot with an instant camera

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Let’s pick up our smartphone and scroll through our photos. How many are there? Probably at least a thousand, right? How many of those have ever made it off your screen to see the light of day? A fraction of those?

Well, in that case, isn’t it time to consider a new approach to photography?

Photography is all about nailing that #nofilter moment, from capturing the sunset at the perfect time to clicking your friends putting their moves to test on the dance floor. Photos are meant to be shared, not just stored. And there are a whole host of instax cameras and printers out there that make it easy to do exactly that—in a way that’s always quick, fun, creative and stylish.

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With instant cameras your creativity doesn’t end at taking the perfect shot. It further goes on and gets more fun while printing. From fabulous photo walls to #roominspo moodboards, one can create DIY displays for all your instax moments.

Much like the older times, instant photography is booming again and below are some tips from the expert on creating timeless pictures that you’ll treasure for decades to come. Read on to learn how to take fleeting moments and turn them into permanent keepsakes.

Photos are meant to be shared, not just stored. (Fujifilm)

1. Embrace the unexpected

Instant photography is all about the magic of spontaneity. The thing about Instant cameras is that you don't know how the photos are going to come out after you take them, it's unpredictable and unique to that exact moment. So the key is to let your preconceptions go, and give into your instincts and intuition.

2. Stay in the moment

Because you’re not looking at a screen on the back of your camera, instant photography gives you the opportunity to be present and mindful. Savour your experiences without distractions, and observe the world around you. Instant film teaches you to really look in front of you, or around you, instead of looking at the display on your camera. It’s a subtle concept, but it’s the truth of today's photography: with the average digital camera or smartphone, we don’t look at what we’re photographing anymore. Allow yourself to really connect with the subject.

3. Value the imperfections

Instant photos can’t be manipulated the same way most photos can, and that’s what makes them valuable. If you’re using an analog instant camera, you can’t shoot two identical photos, the photos are unique, like paintings. With Instant photography, your image doesn’t have to be picture-perfect; it will be more meaningful if it reflects the moment honestly - “Shoot real life as it is”.

4. Master your settings

The number one rule every beginner should know about are the camera settings. Your settings will vary based on the lighting conditions, so get to know your camera. Give yourself time to practice using different settings and manual tricks (such as covering the flash, if needed) so that you can become an expert no matter where you are. Even if you get a shot that didn’t go as you planned, it still can look cool!

Stay in the moment, that's what is most important! (Fujifilm)

5. Watch the light

Great lighting? No need for flash. Dark out? Use flash. Lighting can quickly determine the quality of an image, so when you start looking at it prior to shooting, it can change the way your images turn out!

6. Get closer

The legendary photographer Robert Capa famously stressed the importance of getting close to your subjects, and instant cameras are no exception. A top tip for shooting with instant cameras include making sure the subject of the photo isn't too small or far away.

7. Try a double exposure

The double exposure is always a nice extra to play with. Put someone against a completely white background and combine this image with another one of nature (branches, flowers, etc.) or just a pair of hands.

8. Gift prints

An instax print makes a one-of-kind present for loved ones, and you can even give them to people you’ve encountered on your travels. Hand the prints out to the people you just photographed, or stick them into a notebook and add some handwritten lines to them.

This article is written by Masaki Zenko, Head of Instax division and Senior manager of Photo Imaging division, Fujifilm India.