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Location: Home / Technology / Automotive industry to see more data-driven tech soon: Dell Technologies

Automotive industry to see more data-driven tech soon: Dell Technologies

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Dell Technologies has said that the company is expecting a rapid transition towards software, computer and data-driven technologies in the automotive and transportation industries and 2022 is likely to be a key year in this evolution.

The company has indicated that the transformation will be similar to that of the evolution that was seen in telecom and retail, which resulted in increased consumption of information technology. "Dell is actively engaged with most of the world’s major automotive companies in their early efforts, and we expect 2022 to continue their evolution towards digital transformation and deep interaction with IT ecosystems," said John Roese, Global Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies.

The company added that the automotive ecosystem will rapidly shift focus from a mechanical ecosystem to a data and compute industry."The automotive industry is transforming at several levels. We are seeing a shift from Internal Combustion Engines to Electrified Vehicles resulting in radical simplification of the physical supply chain. We are also seeing a significant expansion of software and compute content within our automobiles via ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) and autonomous vehicle efforts," he said. According to Dell predictions, the automotive industry is becoming data-driven industry for everything from entertainment, to safety to major disruptions such as car-as-a-Service and automated delivery.

Automotive industry to see more data-driven tech soon: Dell Technologies

Early this year, targeting the 5G technology soon, Dell Technologies had reportedly launched a new telecom software, solutions and services to help communications service providers (CSPs) accelerate their open, cloud-native network deployments and create new revenue opportunities at the edge.

Roese added that the private mobility ecosystem will accelerate with more cloud and IT industries involved on the path to 5G. "Today 5G is not significantly different or better than WiFi in most enterprise use cases. This will change in 2022 as more modern, capable versions of 5G become available to enterprises. We will see higher performance and more scalable 5G along with new 5G features such as Ultra Reliability Low Latency Communications (UR-LLC) and Massive Machine Type Communicators (mMTC), with dialogue becoming much more dominant than traditional telecoms (think: open-source ecosystem, infrastructure companies, non-traditional telecom," he said

"More importantly we expect the ecosystem, delivering new and more capable private mobility, will expand to include IT providers such as Dell Technologies but also public cloud providers and even new Open-Source ecosystems focused on the acceleration of the Open 5G ecosystem," he added.