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Location: Home / Technology / Poor Broadband Means UK Gov Stuck with BBC TV Licence Fee

Poor Broadband Means UK Gov Stuck with BBC TV Licence Fee

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March 25, 2021 at 1:04 pm

The BBC aka TVL does not collect license fee. It is outsourced to Capita. They are responsible for all administration of it, whether done good or bad.

The UK government offloaded over 75’s to an organisation that had a cut in funding for years, made them responsible for Governments requirement of Wold Service, took money away for Digital TV switch over and Broadband in the 2012 era, made them fund BBC Monitoring for the government. It is a governments responsibility to fund pensioners or means test, perhaps people should take it up with the government.

The BBC also creates LOTS of jobs in independent companies and industry as a whole and does much R&D projects that broadcasters across the World use.

BIAS in a News organisation does not mean cancel culture for the whole organisation. You reform the management team controlling it, because there is a tv and radio production side not just news (as well as BBC Films).

Loads of people falsely claiming they don’t use any BBC services (and few in reality don’t and that’s backed up by legitimate statistics showing the BBC audience reach per week) and when its gone, a diet of overseas productions laden with adverts, no tv industry, likely to spread to no film industry too. Everything behind pay walls that will not be cheap and

likely to move to a PPV for the dramas and stuff. Huge archive, probably the biggest, will be sold off to foreign ownership, and like Disney did to the TVS (ITV) archives, probably much in landfill as they won’t care as not native.

As for the “anti-white” rubbish spouted on here, do you realise it is the GOVERNMENT departments that push/force target numbers for diversity, the left and right wing press that criticise any non-PC humour in programmes at every opportunity. **ALL** sides of political parties have complained its too left, too liberal, too right at some stage, meaning overall not as biased to one side in everything.

Reform, stars wages, top management wages (most staff are not over paid and not in same category) are what I’d like to see rather than scrapping the BBC. Right wing commercial press, Murdoch organisations, and people who want stuff for nothing won’t agree. The time will come though probably before 2038, where it will come over broadband and the services go behind a pay wall, it’s inevitable and then no moaning as can only access if you pay, it can be enforced by strong security using encryption too, so any ideas of cloned smart cards like the old days are fantasy. Sport used to be on the BBC until Sky/BT overbid and now force anyone to watch it to pay vast sums of money in subscription.