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Properties and Characteristics of Silicate Glue

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Some latex paint engineers are experienced. The formulation and production process of silicate glue inorganic coatings are not complex. But each raw material in the formula may cause complex reactions. Therefore, the selection and addition order of raw materials is very important. They can make the quality assurance of coatings. So what are the properties characteristics of silicate glue inorganic coatings?

1. The Raw Materials of Silicate Glue are All Natural

First of all, the raw materials are natural. This coating is a perfect combination of potassium silicate binder and natural oxide pigments. Natural materials are guarantee of weather resistance and durability of silicate glue inorganic coatings. And inorganic mineral coatings do not contain solvents, film-forming auxiliaries, fungicides and preservatives. Because they may be discharged into the surrounding environment. Inorganic mineral coatings do not contain any petrochemical derivatives. Nor do they release any toxic gases. It is safe for people and the surrounding environment.


2. Silicate Glue has Excellent Durability and Life

Secondly, silicate glue has excellent durability and life. Silicate glue inorganic coatings should be used outdoors for at least 20 years. And they have been proved by numerous examples. Some of them can even be used for more than 100 years.


The traditional organic coating is only attached to the surface of the substrate. It is a simple adhesio

n. While the inorganic coating penetrates deeply into the inorganic mineral substrate. Then it forms a permanent and long-term chemical bonding with the substrate itself.

Property of silicate glue determines inorganic film is porous. So the size of hole can allow water vapor to pass through freely. But the size is just enough to prevent liquid rain water from passing through. They can form an effective barrier and eliminating blistering and spalling of coating.


3. Silicate Glue is Eco-friendly

The third point is that silicate glue is eco-friendly. Silicate glue can form a chemical bond with the substrate. And they can become part of the substrate. There is no need to eradicate the old coating in any subsequent repainting. Thus, they can save time, money and reduce waste. At the same time, durability is the guarantee of them as sustainable materials. They reduce the need for repeated repainting and the impact on the environment.


Compared with traditional organic coatings, silicate glue has many advantages. Such as natural raw materials, long service life and durability, ecological environmental protection. And they are breathable and waterproof, anti-pollution and easy cleaning, non-flammable and smokeless. In addition, silicate glue has excellent mathematical, physical and chemical properties. In Europe or in China, it has become the most important variety of inorganic coatings. And It has also won the trust of more and more consumers.