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Celcom Home Wireless™: For A Hassle-Free Connected Home

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Internet connectivity is now about as important to most households as water or electricity. And for many homes, this has become especially the case as the country is still going through a troubled recovery process from the COVID-19 pandemic. Kids are taking online classes from home, and many working members of society are also working from home. All this points to a greater need for internet connectivity at home.

But getting your home connected is usually not the quick process that many hope for it to be. This generally involves a setup process with a lot of cables, and may also involve wall hacking or drilling. This potentially makes the process complicated, time-consuming, or both. But what if you can skip all that and connect to the internet using the 4G network instead?

That’s where Celcom Home WirelessTM comes in. And it brings you just that: quick internet connectivity without any cables, nor the fuss that comes along with them. In fact, it is so easy and hassle-free that the telco is offering a no commitment, 7 days return policy, just in case you decide that it’s not what you’re looking for.

Upon signing up for Celcom Home WirelessTM, you’ll be given a Huawei B618 Cat11 premium modem that also doubles as a router. This improves mobile network capacity, cuts down on latency, and ensures a better reception & connectivity. You’ll also be given a SIM card, which you then slot into said modem. All that’s left to do is to plug the modem in, turn on the power, and get up to 64 wireless devices connected. This means that everyone in the household can have all of their devices connected at once with no issues.

For the few devices you may have that require a wired connection, the modem does still come with a couple of LAN ports. A LAN cable is also provided for those who want to dive a little deeper into the router settings, like changing SSIDs and passwords.

Currently, Celcom has two plans for its Home WirelessTM service: the Family Lite and Family Ultimate plans. These come with a month data quota of 100GB and 300GB, respectively, for a monthly bill of RM100 and RM139, respectively. To reiterate, the telco is offering its no-commitment, 7 days return policy for both of these plans.

If all this sounds like what you need, then the first step would be to check if your address is within the

Celcom Home WirelessTM coverage area

. If you are, then feel free to sign up online via the Celcom Online Store. If you do, the premium modem and SIM card will be delivered to your doorstep. This allows everyone to continue their work, or classes, from home.

To find out more about Celcom Home WirelessTM, you can check out its

official website

, or the telco’s official





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