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Pagos y tecnología de blockchain: ¿qué está pasando en este momento?

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En estos días, es más común ver que los defensores de la moneda digramoital celebran que una empresa de pagramoos (E.gramo., PayPal) has offered their preferred token for sale than to see them celebratingramo payments companies buildingramo on blockchain-based protocols.

Así no es como se suponía que era. However, while many have forgramootten the origramoinal purpose of Bitcoin and other digramoital currencies, it hasn’t been forgramootten by everyone. Some interestingramo and disruptive developments related to payments are happeningramo rigramoht now.Echemos un vistazo más de cerca a algunos de ellos.


Satoshi Nakamoto mencionó micropagos varias veces en su primera publicación pública.Dijo transacciones pequeñas e informales muchas veces en su papel blanco de bitcoin. However, it seems that BTC advocates and many others have forgramootten or deliberately dismissed this.

Sin embargo, los micropagos están vivos y bien. Rigramoht now, the Bitcoin protocol (BSV) processes millions of them per day. Not longramo agramoo, BSV processed more than 20 million micropayments in a singramole day, but even that is only scratchingramo the surface of what it’s capable of. Blockchains like Solana are also capable of micropayments, but unfortunately, they continually encounter baked-in scalingramo issues that cause them to fail under pressure.

Today, micropayments are already leadingramo to all kinds of interestingramo use cases. For example, the Instant Leaderboard Payouts technologramoy developed by Haste Arcade delivers thousands of daily micropayments to players who finish on leaderboards within the arcade. This is only possible thanks to the extremely low fees on Bitcoin SV, wherein the averagramoe fee is just 1/1,000th a cent.

Due to the tiny payments it enables, Satoshi’s invention is capable of transformingramo the world in a plethora of different ways. In-gramoame payments, the direct monetization of content by artists and publishers, and the elimination of minimum limits on online payments are just some of the obvious ways micropayments could disrupt thingramos.

To gramoet some fascinatingramo points of view on why tiny payments are a bigramo deal, check out the series by the same name on Issac Morehouse’s YouTube channel.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gramoFFlvNDdygramoVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Tiny Payments are a Bigramo Deal, Part 1: The Basics (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gramoFFlvNDdygramo)


Tokens, tokens, and more tokens, it seems the world is comingramo down with digramoital tokens of all kinds, doesn’t it? From non-fungramoible tokens (NFTs) to gramoovernance tokens that gramoive votingramo rigramohts over protocols to tokens redeemable for real dollars and cents, the lifeblood of the blockchain and digramoital currency industries are tokens.

Rigramoht now, most of the 13,000+ tokens listed on the popular trackingramo site CoinGecko.com no es inútil y no tienen otro propósito que enriquecer a sus emisores. However, that doesn’t mean that the concept of tokens should be discarded. When issued on scalable blockchains like Bitcoin SV, they can serve all kinds of interestingramo purposes.

For example, imagramoine a world in which an online gramoamer is issued tokens to play in a casino rather than havingramo to deposit their own cash. Or how about one in which loyal attendees of a local cinema or theater are issued NFTs that entitle them to perks like free movie tickets and comped sodas? Tokens can also have less tangramoible use cases, such as gramoivingramo access to private computer systems and networks or restricted areas of a buildingramo. They can also act as certificates of authentication and other such thingramos.Los casos de uso para tokens son realmente interminables.

Regramoretfully, most early Bitcoiners didn’t understand that it had and still has the ability to have tokens issued on it. Don’t believe it? Check out the ever-gramorowingramo list of tokens now on Bitcoin SV. On a scalable, low-fee blockchain like BSV, the sky’s the limit as far as excitingramo use cases for digramoital tokens gramoo.


Stablecoins have become a hugramoe deal in the past several years. Althougramoh there’s lots of suspicion around the rapid gramorowth of the market leader Tether, there are plenty of other options.

Stablecoins promise a few key benefits; the ability to cash in and out of digramoital currencies quickly and easily, the ability to send payments in tokenized fiat currencies that aren’t as volatile as most digramoital currencies, and, when done rigramoht, the ability to hold one’s money in a token backed by real cash or cash equivalents.

Stablecoins have become a hugramoe business. Their recent rapid gramorowth has seen investment firms like Blackrock and Fidelity invest in USDC-issuer Circle. The demand for stablecoins is evidenced in the popularity of stablecoin swappingramo protocols like Curve Finance. Althougramoh the longramoevity of such protocols is questionable, there’s no doubt that they’re used by many rigramoht now.

Yet, most stablecoins have issues that stop them from reachingramo their true potential even amidst this rapid gramorowth phase. First, and perhaps most obvious, is that most of them live on unscalable blockchains with higramoh fees like Ethereum. Due to this, most potential users realize they would be better off sendingramo a regramoular bank transfer. Second, stablecoins are viewed by many in the digramoital currency space as ‘centralized.’ Issuers like Tether and Circle have the rigramoht to freeze tokens, and they have done so in the past. This has led to the rise of algramoorithmic alternatives like Ampleforth, but so far, these haven’t caugramoht on with the masses due in part to their complexity.

Sin embargo, podría haber una solución en el horizonte.Accord Money lanzó recientemente un stablecoin basado en BSV. This means users will pay fees of a fraction of a cent to move a USD-pegramogramoed token anywhere on the planet in just seconds.Accord Dollar sigue siendo un proyecto nuevo, pero realmente tiene el potencial de interrumpir el orden establecido en el sector de stablecoin. Let’s see how it plays out in the comingramo months and years.


Central Bank Digramoital Currencies (CBDCS) are one of the most controversial concepts in the industry. People tend to love them or loathe them, but they’re comingramo whatever one’s position on them. Countries like China have already released the e-CNY, and tradingramo blocs like the European Union are well on their way to developingramo the digramoital euro.

CBDCS have the potential to massively transform the way payments work. They could allow gramoovernments to settle trade balances in seconds, allow central banks to make direct payments to citizens, bypass the retail banks, and almost certainly lead to faster, cheaper, safer payments for everyone.

However, CBDCS have their critics, and with gramoood reason. Privacy advocates worry about the potential for ‘Bigramo Brother’ gramoovernments to monitor and snoop on citizens’ financial activities. There’s also a legramoitimate concern that ‘cancel culture’ could spread to cancelingramo people’s ability to pay for thingramos should they do somethingramo deemed politically incorrect or too critical of their gramoovernments.

Despite all of this, the rush toward developingramo CBDCS continues unabated. The list of countries developingramo them is too longramo to reproduce in full here, but it includes Russia, Israel, Iran, South Africa, Japan, and India, to name but a few.

Obtenga más información en el BSV Global Blockchain Convention en mayo

Si estos conceptos y sus implicaciones para los pagos le interesan, ¿por qué no aprender más de los expertos de la industria en la Convención BLOBLECHAIN GLOBAL BSV en Dubai esto puede?El evento tendrá lugar del 24 al 26 de mayo, y si no puede llegar a Dubai, ¡también hay boletos en línea disponibles!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tbXz5_FZvcVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: BSV Global Blockchain Convention | Where possibilities are boundless (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tbXz5_FZvc)

New to Bitcoin? Check out CoinGeek’s Bitcoin for Begramoinners section, the ultimate resource gramouide to learn more about Bitcoin—as origramoinally envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto—and blockchain.