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Final Fantasy 14: Guide To Housing Hacks

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Housing in

Final Fantasy 14

is a bit of an iceberg in terms of content. The tip of the iceberg is affording a house, finding a plot, and decorating to your heart's content. Beyond all that though... players can get really hardcore in terms of decorating their homes.


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By hardcore, we mean glitching items onto surfaces they cannot normally sit upon. Players can get some items to float as though they are attached to the walls instead of the floor. Some go as far as to build their own staircases and make their lofts decked out in furnishings that are not typically loft-friendly.

Settings To Use

PC Players:

Go to the Keybind menu, go to System, and make sure you have a button set for Display Subcommand and another for Confirm. These are used a ton for housing glitches. Then go to your housing menu, to your indoor furnishings, and to your storeroom. Make sure Display Preview is turned on. Having a sensitive mouse helps, having a high DPI (dots per inch) can be quite helpful.

PS4/PS5 Players:

Housing hacks can be harder for you. Some players use a keyboard and mouse with their system or switch to PC mode instead just to simplify things. Remember that the square button gets your subcommand menu. Expect to play around a bit more, but there are a lot of commonalities with what the PC players do.

Items To Use

These are items that are often used to glitch furniture.

Oasis Leaf Rug:

Purchasable from housing merchants.

Oriental Round Table:

Obtainable via crafting or the Market Board.

Rivera Wall Shelf:

Need to craft or buy from the Market Board.

Stage Panel:

Can be purchased by any housing merchant.

Wooden Loft:

Need to craft or buy from the Market Board.

White Rectangular Partition:

Craft or purchase from Market Board.

Popular Glitches

Floating Windows

Want to turn windows into fancy walls? This can look great on lofts in particular. You will require

a stage panel or wall

and an

imitation square window

. Remember, these two items

must be in your storage

. The trick does not work if it is in your inventory.

Turn surface placement on

and place your wall or panel wherever you want to float the window. Then take the window and place it where you want it to stay on the wall or panel.

Use the subcommand "place." Then turn on the surface placement,

click on the window but don't move it. Then move the panel or wall out. The window should stay and you have successfully floated the window.

Putting Non-Tabletop Items In Your Loft

Not being able to place any kind of furnishing in the lofts is one of the big disappointments of housing decor in Final Fantasy 14. Luckily though, there is a glitch you can use to get the furniture you want up in the loft.

Set up all the items you want, as you want them in the loft, on the floor. For this glitch, you should

use items from inventory instead of storage.

You will want to take out a


and a

wall panel

to support the loft. Place the loft right on the items you organized, use the subcommand "place" and then quickly escape out of it. If successful, the items will be lifted up to the surface of the loft. Then some patience and love is required, and you will need to take the loft back into your inventory, leaving the furniture floating, and then


placing the loft within them a tiny bit to get them to float up more until the loft and furniture are here you want them to be. Remember to use a stage panel to support the loft as you lift it and the furniture slowly upwards. If the furniture is not level, backtrack a bit to get them level on the loft again and keep at it.


you've got to make the furniture stick.

Select the items and carefully rotate them. Make sure they each do

one full rotation.

If this is not done, you may return to your home to see their float was not permanent.

Placing Things On Fireplaces And Windowsills (And Other Such Places)

This glitch works on

more than just fireplaces and windowsills

, but it is most popularly used for these two. This is very basic as well, not requiring any secondary items to use as tools like the stage panel.

Basically, take the item you want to place out of storage and drag it to where you want it placed. You will use the subcommand "place" and then


escape out of it. This is an example of a glitch that is far easier on a PC. Even on a PC, it could take a couple of tries.

This will not work on all items.

If it doesn't work, don't worry, there are plenty of other glitches to try.

Making A Toilet

Of course, there is more to housing hacks than just glitching furnishings onto walls and lofts. There is also


two items together to form a whole new one.

A common piece players make is a toilet by combining an

Oasis Stool


Alpine Chair

. Behind it, a Walnut or Glade Cartonnier is often placed to simulate that toilet tank. To make the stool look like toilet water, simply dye it light blue.

Additionally, some players make a toilet brush to sit next to the toilet. This is also done by clipping two items together. It can be made with a quill pen with a vase. Since the quill pen is small, it will need to be floated (like the fireplace and windowsill items) to fit perfectly into the vase and stick out to look like a toilet brush.

Making An Aquarium Wall

A lot goes into this hack, but it is worth it to have an impressive wall of live fish. Obviously, you will need aquariums but you will also need


(for some wall coverage), at least one

stage panel,


a ton of Eorzean Maps

. Luckily, the maps are only one thousand Gil from any housing vendor. Some optional items can help; include a


(to float the aquarium) and a

wooden beam

(to possibly border around the aquarium).

This will take a ton of wall space to have room to maneuver. For the most part,

keep grid snap

on. If you want to have two aquariums smush together, you will need to clip them into each other, which will require briefly turning off grid snap on one of the tanks. These can come from storage or inventory. A loft can be used to get the higher aquarium to float

just make sure that it sticks once it floats by giving it a full rotation.


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Once the aquariums are where you want them, it's time to use your maps. Place them on a stage panel and then turn the panel to face the aquariums. Get the maps placed where they will appear as walls around the aquariums. The map will not be seen, instead, it will be the backside of the map, which is a smooth wood.

Turn off counter placement

. Grab every map and wiggle them around and cancel.

Then when you pull the stage panel away, the maps should be floating around the aquariums, with their backs facing out to appear as a smooth wooden wall. There may be gaps between the maps and the aquariums, but there will always be gaps, and only players who smush their faces against the walls will be able to notice.

Since the maps are tedious, they can just be used around the aquariums and the rest of the space can be filled in with pillars, stage panels, and wooden beams.

Important To Know

The world of housing glitches is vast, but it does come at a risky cost. Sometimes, patches will make it so glitches are fixed. If that happens, players can come home after a patch to find their glitched furnishes suddenly un-glitched. Luckily, there are always players passionate enough to find new ways to get their perfectly furnished homes realized.


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