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What Is TeamSense And How Was It Founded?

Plateforme de services à guichet unique |
Posted inBusiness and EconomybyAllen Brown

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It’s not often that a SaaS solution comes along and changes the typically static landscape of employee attendance management. Nevertheless, one company has broken the trend and developed a software solution that fixes the age-old problem of how to engage with hourly employees.

What Issues Do Companies Face With Hourly Workers?

In most office environments, employees are salaried or have contracts that span several years. This is primarily because hiring, training, and retaining workers costs time and effort. Nevertheless, many companies rely on hourly employees, such as factories, hospitality, and warehouse environments. The result is a unique set of challenges that have thus far been difficult to overcome, such as:

While most of these issues have often been ignored or workarounds created, a few enterprising individuals saw a gap in the market. They developed a solution that fixes most of the problems surrounding this puzzle. This is where TeamSense comes in. The founders of this solution saw that most technology solutions are squarely aimed at a small percentage of the workforce, leaving the vast majority of workers underrepresented.

What Is This Solution?

Initially derived from a business incubator during the height of the pandemic as a way to track the symptoms of Covid, this company has rapidly expanded to include a wide range of features culminating in an all-encompassing software that covers communication and absence management of the most significant portion of the workforce. Since its humble origins in 2020, the company has rapidly expanded and now boasts many large-scale employees as its customers, including (but not limited to):

What Is TeamSense And How Was It Founded?

You can see from this roster of companies that they all depend on hourly workers for various aspects of the business. However, before looking at the features in more detail, let’s take a look at the three co-founders of TeamSense.

Who Is Behind This Software?

TeamSense was created by three co-founders: Sheila Stafford, Alison Teegarden, and Jeremy Wadsack.

All of whom have histories of working in large companies and leading teams of both hourly and contracted employees. Each has brought a unique set of skills that they used to develop a workable answer to hiring, training, and communicating with specific employees.

Sheila Stafford (CEO)

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Sheila has been involved with numerous high-profile organizations, including Whirlpool and General Motors. With her background as a manufacturing engineer and her experience leading large teams, she has first-hand experience working around hourly employees and saw the struggles her previous employers faced in dealing with the situation. Sheila runs the company’s day-to-day operations and, with her fellow co-founders, has set out a robust roadmap to increase the business further.

Alison Teegarden (COO)

As a chemistry and history alumni of Stanford University, Alison has substantial experience in the consulting side of business organization. Working at the Boston Consulting Group, she developed her skills in improving corporate operations and finding solutions to reduce manual processes that cost businesses money and time. However, her industrial technology expertise came when working at the global conglomerate Fortive. Afterward, she began working with the incubator Pioneer Square Labs (who would later be the seed that TeamSense grew from), which eventually led to the company’s founding.

Jeremy Wadsack (CTO)

As an avid computer programmer since the age of 7, Jeremy has always had a passion for developing software solutions that can maximize productivity. Furthermore, he has been an integral part of numerous startups over the years, incorporating lessons he has learned from each into this latest endeavor. In fact, one of his most prominent success stories was building out analytics software that Google acquired, which incorporated it into the now ubiquitous Google Analytics software used by millions of businesses worldwide.

How Is This Software Assisting Businesses Worldwide?

TeamSnese is unique in that it is one of the only SaaS solutions tailored explicitly toward hourly employees. Essentially, it automates a large part of the human resource processes, giving company managers the ability to update operations on the fly. Moreover, it doesn’t require users to download an app and operates via text.

Self Service Portal

One of the most intuitive and useful features is the self-service portal. It allows companies to onboard new employees into one location from which they can update management on various topics. The technology frees up human resource departments by enabling employees to learn about news events and training opportunities, read employee handbooks, and track absences.

Straightforward Recruitment

Recruitment is one of the most labor-intensive aspects of business operations and often takes up an excessive amount of time. This software utilizes an innovative “Text-to-Apply” feature that ensures businesses can find the staff they need. Additionally, it helps potential employees to find open positions that fit their skill set.

Absence Management

Aside from recruitment, one of the biggest headaches that companies face is absenteeism. It can massively disrupt operations and lead to loss of productivity and staff morale (as other employees are often asked to pick up the slack). Because there are usually no formal ways for hourly staff to inform management that they will be absent, it can be challenging for businesses to find enough time to rotate the team.

The team of individuals who decided to work together to create this fantastic technology has revolutionized how businesses deal with one of the most significant workforce segments. Combining several innovative features into one easy package has saved countless hours, increased productivity, and saved companies money in the process.

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