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iPhone 13: Release Date, Features, Specifications, Rumors

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September is usually an exciting month. Not only does it move from the heat of summer to the cool days of autumn, it’s usually the same general time frame as Apple announces new iPhone models and releases the next version of iOS.

Still, as September approaches each year, I feel it’s too early to start talking about Apple’s next phone. However, almost a year after the iPhone 12 lineup was released, the iPhone 13 is ready. Of course, Apple hasn’t officially announced anything and doesn’t admit that it has an iPhone 13 (sometimes called the iPhone 12S). ?? ) Arrival. So instead, you have to rely on rumors to look behind the iPhone curtain.

Current rumors are drawing a decent picture of what we should expect, and in addition, we want to get a better picture of what the iPhone 13 should do and look like. You can make some informed guesses. That said, we don’t know everything, and all the rumors below are treated that way until Apple CEO Tim Cook is on stage and thank you for attending the event. Should-rumors.

What is the next iPhone called?

May be iPhone 12S or iPhone 13

Use iPhone 13 to distinguish the models … for now.

Apple has traditionally used the tick-tuck approach to update the design, hardware, and name of the iPhone. For example, the iPhone 6 was followed by the iPhone 6S. But recently, the company abolished the S-series and agreed to add one more name, just as it did when the iPhone 12 was released just a year after the iPhone 11.

Both names could be our future names, but we’ll use the iPhone 13 until Apple CEO Tim Cook puts it another way so that we can easily identify the new iPhone.

When will the iPhone 13 be released?

Likely in the third quarter

2020 delayed iPhone launch for a few weeks

September or October would be a good guess

Apple typically announces a new iPhone model in September and releases it a few weeks later. The timing was a bit late in 2020 due to the pandemic, and the launch of the iPhone 12 lineup was split between October 23 and November 13.

Hopefully this year production will be back on track with the more familiar September announcements and releases.

How much does the iPhone 13 cost?

It’s too early to know

But I don’t expect any significant price increases or reductions

Pricing seems to be the most difficult piece of information to always identify before Apple announces it. Still a few months away, there were no signs of what to expect in terms of price for the next iPhone harvest.

I don’t think Apple will raise the price, at least on the base storage model, but something strange happened.

What will the iPhone 13 look like?

Apple has just redesigned it. Don’t expect it for the second year in a row

There is a guess for a smaller Face ID notch

With the launch of the iPhone 12 and its flat-edged design, Apple has completely revamped the overall look of the iPhone line. So I don’t think Apple will make any major changes to the iPhone 13’s design.

Due to the smaller iPhone X, there are some reports of Face ID notches at the top of the iPhone display. This could be one of the minor design changes. Otherwise, the larger camera array outside the new colors, and perhaps on the back of the phone, shouldn’t have expectations for a new design.

What are the features of the iPhone 13 specs?

Rumors are still here and there

Isn’t there a port and Touch ID is back?

120Hz constant display?It is possible

Features and specs will be something that can get you closer to the announcement, but reports are now ubiquitous, including those that Apple is working on, working on, or thinking they are working on. There may be.

For example, last year there were rumors that an iPhone with a display refresh rate of 120Hz would appear. That didn’t happen, and I’m not sure if it will, but there are speculations that faster display technology will debut on the iPhone this year. Apple may still be working on a faster display, which has always been for the iPhone 13 (or 14). I have to guess, this year the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max show a 120Hz display, but not the base iPhone 13 (and the iPhone 13 mini, if any).

There is also speculation that Apple will remove the Lightning port on the bottom of the iPhone. Instead, Apple uses the new MagSafe technology to charge your phone and sync your data. Another possibility is for Apple to remove the Lightning port and replace it with a USB-C port, similar to the MacBook, iPad Air, and iPad Pro lines. Personally, I haven’t seen Apple doing this yet. Apple wants to switch to USB-C on all products, but changing the Lightning connector on iPad models was a slow process.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports in the weekly newsletter Power On that Apple is preparing an iPhone with a new A15 processor, a small notch, and perhaps an always-on display like the Apple Watch currently uses. did. Oh, and Garman also states that 120Hz is also possible.

Another rumored feature that may be the product of wishful thinking is the return of Apple’s fingerprint sensor technology, Touch ID, to the iPhone 13. Instead of being embedded in the home button, it will be moved to the following location: The side buttons are embedded like the 4th generation iPad Air or under the display. This has been seen on some Android phones and tablets over the last few years.

Both options are welcome. Especially if you have a face cover where Face ID is of little use. Apple has added tools to make it easier to use in iOS 14.5 if you own an Apple Watch, but it’s still not ideal.

Either of those rumors may be based on actual or wishful thinking, which is hard to say for now. Apple can expect to improve or maintain battery life with faster processors, better GPUs, along with camera upgrades. These are all major upgrades for all new iPhones.

What do you want to see on your iPhone 13? Please comment and let us know below.

iPhone 13: Release Date, Features, Specifications, Rumors

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iPhone 13: Release Date, Features, Specifications, Rumors