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Localização: Casa / Tecnologia / Os melhores teclados mecânicos, estejam você digitando ou jogando

Os melhores teclados mecânicos, estejam você digitando ou jogando

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Who it’s for: Gamers and typists who want to finely control their keyboard switch actuation and feel.

There are numerous switch options you can choose from with a mechanical keyboard, with each having their advantages and disadvantages. SteelSeries does away with all that with the Apex Pro by offering truly customizable switches. Its optical OmniPoint Switch design is both incredibly fast and deeply adjustable. You can customize the actuation point to between 0.4mm and 3.6mm, which in turn also adjusts the actuation force. Whether you like a deep switch or something shallower, you can customize the Apex Pro for it.

The Best Mechanical Keyboards, Whether You’re Typing Or Gaming

You can even have different actuation points and forces for different tasks, letting you enjoy something lighter for long typing sessions and something a bit heavier handed for gaming all in one package.

It enjoys dynamic RGB lighting on every key and a unique media control system with a roller and button. There’s also an OLED smart display to give you information about your games, apps and the keyboard itself.

The aluminum frame and range of available accessories really put this keyboard over the top, making it the best mechanical keyboard you can buy in 2022.