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Scarlet Nexus: 6 Things We Want Answered In DLC | Game Rant

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If someone plans to tackle everything in

Scarlet Nexus

, they are looking at a 50+ hour game. That includes both the Yuito and Kasane campaigns, although that number would be higher for trophy hunters. There’s a lot the game covers and yet plenty of storylines come up short by the end.


Unresolved Mysteries & Plot Holes Left Hanging In Scarlet Nexus

Will there be a sequel? Reviews, which are high across the board, can certainly help with that question along with sales. Whether one will be green-lit or not remains to be seen. For now,

Bandai Namco

could explore some of these unanswered story threads in the game through DLC to further test the waters.

Please note, there will be




To The Moon

The biggest question left hanging in

Scarlet Nexus

is in regard to the Moon. Apparently, Earth was devastated thousands of years ago which is why colonists set up shop on the moon. After Earth was deemed safe to live on again, a group of moon dwellers were sent to the planet, thus setting the stage for everything that happens in

Bandai Namco's game


This seemed to be where the plot of

Scarlet Nexus

was heading toward in the finale but it was left alone. Stuffing everything plus the moon might have been too much for one game, which is why this will likely be in DLC. It could also be the plot to the sequel if

Scarlet Nexus

ever gets one.


Karen’s Time Traveling

Instead of the moon people, the real big bad of

Scarlet Nexus

was Karen. He’s a villain that a player could sympathize with, sort of

like Sephiroth

, even though Karen's ways are twisted. He lost his love, Alice, so he wants to do everything in his power to get her back.

How many times did Karen travel back in time to save her? How many adventures did they, plus Fubuki, go on? It could be an interesting plot to unravel in DLC with all three of those characters banning together.


The Bad Future

One of the most unique settings explored by the game takes place in the future. This is seen only through Kasane’s plot wherein she meets an old Yuito. He wants her to go back in time and kill him, which is one of the reasons Kasane is after Yuito in his plot.


Scarlet Nexus: All Mysterious Text Data Locations (Knowledge of the Past Trophy/Achievement)

Not much time is spent here but it could make for a cool location for a DLC. It doesn’t have to fit with any of

Scarlet Nexus’

core lore. It could instead be like a standalone adventure similar to other themed DLC like Halloween packs. Bandai Namco could have some fun making a weird future where nothing really matters but is still fun to play. Samurai Yuito is also pretty cool-looking.


Secret Agent Kagero And Kyoka

How many people did Kagero and or Kyoka assassinate or spy on in

Scarlet Nexus

? They’ve been on Earth for a long time, or so they say. Seeing an earlier build of this world could be interesting. It doesn’t seem like technology has changed in two thousand years so maybe not much will change in the environments.

That makes sense for DLC. Redoing the world seems more like an idea to take on in a sequel or spinoff.

Whether this game

gets DLC or a sequel starring Kagero and Kyoka, it is safe to say both of these characters have a lot of backstory left to explore.


Who Started The Rebellion In Karen’s Place?


everything wraps up by the end of

Scarlet Nexus

in regard to the Red Strings. The time travel used in this game is one of the most puzzling aspects of the story. Why does history not change that much after Karen sacrifices himself in the past to save Alice? This could be answered in his proposed DLC.


Scarlet Nexus: Vase Paws Locations (Surprise Test Quest)

What happens after that while Kasane and Yuito are dealing with their stuff could be answered with Alice. Shiden says that history appears to be unchanged in a lot of ways like how another OSF member started a similar rebellion in Karen’s place. History is cyclical and will happen no matter what. Who was this person? Being able to play as Alice could be a great way to fill in some plot holes left by the Red Strings.


VR Training

A lot of RPGs have arenas as side quests. Players can often fight in a string of battles in order to gain prizes. This is why RPGs, and other game genres like platformers, incorporate arenas into their design. Putting an arena via DLC in

Scarlet Nexus

could add a nice way to level up

without having to run around dungeons.

It would also be cool if Bandai Namco unlocked a way to play every

companion in the game

. From their weapons to their powers, they all look like they could be a lot of fun to control. This could be a big task as adding in eight more playable characters is no easy task. It’s a wish more than anything but it could also offer a way to get to know more of the characters’ backstories. The bonding episodes could only answer so much.


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