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G7CR Technologies: Creating Value for Startups, SMEs and SMBs

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G7CR Technologies one of the leading global information technology, consulting and cloud services company, headquartered in Bengaluru has emerged as one of the leaders that is offering disruptive technology solutions for over 900 + business across India and MEA region. The company though its various initiatives is helping start-up, SMEs and SMBs in their journey by provide strategic support across key business areas including Capital, Building Competency (Technical & Leadership), Revenue and Technology. Through initiative like, ‘Start-up 360’ and ‘Cloud Accelerator Funding’ G7CR has played a vital role in a time when Start-ups, SMEs and SMBs are relying on Cloud Technology for technical and business edge.

Through ‘Start-up 360’ initiative, G7CR has invested over $1 Million in various start-ups via technology services in the last quarter. The initiative is helping start-ups opt for transformative innovations and utilize Cloud services for a much wider approach including offering strategic support in Sales enablement, Tech enablement and Business enablement. Sectors like education, health, FMCG, retail, marketing, advertising and many more sectors have accelerated the adoption of G7CR’s initiative ‘Start-up 360’.

With the main motto to “Create Value for Customers & Partners”, G7CR is offering technology funding against Cloud Consumption and also supporting them in their go-to-market strategy. The company in the last quarter has made tech investments in over 100 start-ups in India and Middle East and Africa offering technology benefits like migrating to cloud, helping them manage their setup on cloud and even modernisation of their application.

G7CR Technologies: Creating Value for Startups, SMEs and SMBs

Under the ‘Start-up 360’ initiative, G7CR plans to invest in over 200 more start-ups in the next 6 months and onboard over 1,000 start-ups in FY 2022. G7CR will also invest in Start-ups with B2B SaaS products and expand their sales operations in newer regions including Middle East and Africa, the benefits will range from $5000 to $25000.

Prior to the launch of ‘Start-up 360 initiative’ G7CR Technologies announced its ‘Cloud Accelerator Funding’ program of $5 million to support start-ups and SMEs. The program provides funding against Cloud spend for qualifying Startups who are in growth phase. For Growing tech enabled Startup, Cloud spend is generally one the of top 3 spends and CAF allows them to reinvest the Cloud spend on business growth while the Cloud is funded by G7CR. The maximum funding available is up to $5 million. Qualifying criteria for the program is a) The business should be less than 10 years old b) Cloud spend must account for one of the top 5 expense or the minimum Cloud consumption must be $15,000/- per month.

“We intend to take the growth journey with Startups, SMEs and SMBs from Start to Scale and our two-investment model are built with the same focus and intent. CAF to support Growth Startups and Technology Investments for Startups in Series A level of funding. But, of course the technology funding is open to any Startup, SME or SMB and does not require them to be funded. We will continue to build new partnership and alliances to bring in the power of volumetric benefits for the Startups, SMEs and SMBs who are a part of the program. Collaboration and Trust is the new currency for business and continuing build it will be our aim for the year 2022”, said, Ms. Jesintha Louis, Director Partner Success, G7CR Technologies.

G7CR Technologies India is an Expert Azure Managed Services Partner driving cloud transformation across India and MEA region. The company provides cloud hosting services packaged with all related support services. The company has been recognised globally for its technical capabilities driving cloud success journeys for businesses from industry verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, PSUs, Education, Retail and IT. G7 CR Technologies has been awarded ‘The Country Partner of the Year’ for two consecutive years 2019 & 2020 by Microsoft.