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Location: Home / Technology / Instagram will now let users ‘Remix’ any video on Reels

Instagram will now let users ‘Remix’ any video on Reels

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Instagram made the announcement for the new feature on Twitter. Remixing lets users create a new video with an existing video on the platform, where they are also starring themselves. We have seen influencers and creators use this feature a lot on the platform. Sometimes their followers will also remix their video with their own creation.

But Instagram has also made it clear this will now affect videos posted prior to this launch will not be affected.


Here’s how the feature works

Instagram will now let users ‘Remix’ any video on Reels

Choose your favourite Reel or video on the platform.

Hit the three dots in the upper right corner of eligible videos.

You’ll see ‘Remix this video’, which has a plus symbol as well. Tap on that option.

You will now see the original video on one side, and your camera turned on the other. You can upload a previously created video as well to the Remix.

Users can also rely on different tools to make changes to the original reel including changing its audio or turning the volume up and down. You can add a voiceover to it as well.

Keep in mind that when you upload a public reel now, the option for remixing will be open to all users.