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Location: Home / Article / Telangana's Nanajipur waterfalls, a new tourist attraction

Telangana's Nanajipur waterfalls, a new tourist attraction

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What if we told you that there’s a secret waterfall in Hyderabad? Packing your bags already, are you?

Situated just about 43 kms from Secunderabad (15 kms from Shamshabad Bus Stop), Nanajipur waterfalls is a destination you shouldn’t miss visiting atleast once. Especially in these pandemic times when most of us prefer to go to places nestled in nature.

What’s even better is that you can visit the Ammapalli Sita Ramachandraswamy Devasthanam on the way at Shamshabad. It’s a rare 17th century Rama temple without Hanuman. You will see only the deities of Sita, Rama and Lakshmana in the mandir. Legend has it that some Rama temples do not have Hanuman because they were built at places the three Gods passed by or stayed during their 14-year forest exile. This is much before Hanuman joined them at the end. The inscriptions on the temple suggest that it could be from Kalyani Chalukya times.

There’s even a step well in the temple premises and it will remind you a bit of Hampi. The well is usually completely dried up, but thanks to the recent rains you will find some water. It’s also a great spot for pre-wedding shoots and you might find some happy couples clicking away romantic pictures.

Once you’re done visiting the temple, you can go to the waterfalls in Nanajipur village. You can find both the locations on maps. Just in case there’s confusion, it’s close to Vardhaman College of Engineering. You can ask people around for help.

At the beautiful falls, you can enjoy looking at the water gushing, probably even stand under it. But be careful as it can be slippery.

Get a camera and click some pics with your friends or family. We suggest you carry coffee or tea in a flask, because you will only find one woman selling mirchi bajji, egg bondas and water.

Try going to the falls during sunrise or sunset. A local informed us that the fall comes alive only in the monsoon season. You will even notice some people fishing.

Chat with the local kids and take a walk around the village – don’t forget to wear your mask. Try wearing comfortable clothes and footwear. Don’t forget to carry sunscreen if you are visiting the place at noon. The mobile network is decent.

Coming to food, carry lunch in dabbas or find restaurants in Shamshabad on the way back home.

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