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Localização: Casa / Tecnologia / [SOLVED] Need help overcloking on ASUS motherboard, with an i7 8700k

[SOLVED] Need help overcloking on ASUS motherboard, with an i7 8700k

techserving |


Oct 25, 2017
Hello, I have a few questions regarding overclocking the CPU.


Mobo: z370-F Strix
CPU: I7-8700K
CPU Cooler: NZXT x62
GPU: GTX 1070 Strix
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 2x8 at 3000MHz
Power Supply: EVGA 750W GQ

1: Manual and adaptive voltage

So I am finally done with my stress tests etc. I ended up with 1.280V at 5GHz [Manual volatge]. So now I want to use adaptive mode instead, so my voltage is lower when it’s idle.
When I write 1.280V in and start the pc, my voltage is at around 1.490V. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
I did some research and saw people tweaking a few more things:

•Adaptive- 1.35
•Offset- Auto
•LLC level 6

•Extreme Tweaker\Internal CPU Power Management
•IA AC Load Line [0.01] •IA DC Load Line [0.01]

•Advanced\CPU Configuration\CPU – Power Management Control
•Intel(R) SpeedStep(tm) [Auto]
•Turbo Mode [Enabled]
•CPU C-states [Enabled]
•Enhanced C-states [Enabled]
•CPU C3 Report [Enabled]
•CPU C6 Report [Enabled]
•CPU C7 Report [CPU C7s]
•CPU C8 Report [Enabled]
•Package C State Limit [Cpu Default]
•CFG Lock [Disabled]
•Intel(R) Speed Shift Technology [Enabled]

Will this help or is there anything that looks dangerous?

2: LLC making VRMS hotter?

I’ve read a few places that you should be careful with LLC because it puts more heat on your VRMS. But then I’ve seen videos where people are suggestion using LLC at level 5-7.

Will this hurt anything, or should I just go for it?

3: Vid voltage high even when using stock settings

In HWinfo it says my highest VID is around 1.370V is that something I should be afraid of?
My Vcore / voltage is around 1.280V, so I don’t understand what VID is.

4: In the BIOS there this settings called “SVID behavior” I’ve heard people saying that it should be set to “best case scenario”, does it change anything?

Would be really helpful if you could just answer one of these questions.


[SOLVED] Need help overcloking on ASUS motherboard, with an i7 8700k