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Benu Networks Achieves a 100 Terabit Broadband Network Gateway Based on Intel Technology

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BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Benu Networks, a company transforming the service provider network edge, today announced it has collaborated with Intel to architect a virtualized, cloud-native Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) that can result in a staggering 100 Terabits per second (Tbps) of throughput. Service providers across the world are working with Benu Networks and Intel to address some of the most pressing issues regarding virtualization’s promise to bring positive and lasting change to a carrier’s business. The performance capabilities and advantages of this software-based broadband network architecture, including the flexibility, functionality, and speed it brings to the deployment of new services have been published in a joint whitepaper: The 100 Terabit BNG.

Some fixed network operators have noted concerns that virtualized solutions cannot perform at the level required when deploying high-bandwidth services to millions of fixed-line subscribers. However, tremendous strides have recently been made to reach the performance required for fixed and edge networks. Benu Networks and Intel set out to put the performance concern to rest. The resulting white paper details benchmark testing performed with Benu Networks’ Virtualized Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) running on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and the Intel Ethernet 800 Series Controller.

The cloud-native vBNG removes scale, redundancy, and management constraints of traditional hardware BNGs that feature a physical chassis with limited slots for control cards and line cards. In contrast, Benu Networks’ vBNG has no physical chassis and therefore is not limited to a fixed number of line card slots. Instead, each control plane instance can support up to 256 user planes distributed geographically throughout an operator’s network, unconstrained by the physical limits of a hardware chassis. This system provides operators unprecedented agility and simplifies the roll-out of distributed BNGs to support the future of low-latency multi-access edge compute (MEC) infrastructure. The system scales to millions of users and over 100 Terabits per second (Tbps) of throughput, equivalent to downloading 100,000 hours of Netflix content in a second.

Benu Networks Achieves a 100 Terabit Broadband Network Gateway Based on Intel Technology

“The metaverse, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are all going to mature in the next decade, requiring a new architectural approach in broadband networks. It is time for carriers to invest in solutions that will address the challenges in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace as well as support the future demands,” said Michael McFarland, VP of Product and Marketing at Benu Networks. “This solution illustrates the flexibility, scalability and agility of our virtualized, cloud-native approach coupled with the proven performance of Intel technology. The results should provide service providers around the world with the confidence to make their virtualization initiatives a reality.”

“Intel is dedicated to providing the best open hardware platforms and software tools for virtualized and cloud-native workloads that unleash developer innovation,” said Alexander Quach, Intel VP and GM Wireline and Core Network Group. “Benu’s use of the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor and the Intel Ethernet 800 Series Controller with Dynamic Device Personalization delivers the throughput, agility and scale that Communication Service Providers (CoSPs) require as they deploy their TCO optimized next generation of converged access infrastructure.”

To download a copy of Benu and Intel’s joint white paper, please visit our resource page. The companies will explore this topic further during a joint webinar on May 17 at 11:00am EDT. During the webinar, titled “Virtualized Networks at Terabit Speeds? Yes!,” Benu and Intel will present the cloud-native BNG model, performance details and how the two companies have worked together to redefine the service edge of carrier networks. To register, visit https://networkbuilders.intel.com/social-hub/webcast/virtualized-networks-at-terabit-speeds-yes.

About Benu Networks

Benu Networks is a leading software and solutions provider, simplifying the industry’s most complex edge networks. With a comprehensive set of products and innovative solutions coupled with over a decade in the industry, Benu Networks delivers solutions to instantly transform legacy access networks, elastically manage services, and carve the path to 5G. For more information, please visit the Benu Networks’ website: www.benunetworks.com. Follow us on Twitter @benunets.

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