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Best i7 Laptop Deals: Savings of up to $694 today

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If you’ve been checking out the best laptop deals with an i7 laptop in mind, we’ve just saved you a bunch of work. We’ve got all the insight into all the best i7 laptop deals neatly rounded up here. Below, you’ll find a look at why each laptop is worth buying along with working out if now is the best time to buy a new i7 laptop. Read on while we take you through everything.


Today’s best i7 laptop deals

Lenovo Yoga 7i2-in-1 Laptop — $700, was $1,170

Why Buy:

Easily providing much of what you would expect from the best 2-in-1 laptops, the Lenovo Yoga 7i is an ideal choice if you want the benefit of an Intel Core i7 processor without spending a fortune. That processor happens to be an i7 1165G7 so it does a decently speedy job with productivity-based tasks. Paired up with it is 8GB of memory and 512GB of SSD storage. The latter means that you’re basically never going to run out of space, especially when it comes to storing documents and presentations for work.

Of course, the standout feature for the Lenovo Yoga 7i is its display. It has a 15.6-inch full HD screen that offers 300nits of brightness and — most importantly — touchscreen functionality. Thanks to its 360-degree hinge, you can use it for a multitude of different purposes, easily switching it between tablet and laptop mode as needed. Being able to get more tactile with your work is really useful while you still have all the advantages of Windows 11 at your disposal. The laptop itself is sleekly designed, crafted from sandblasted and anodized metal so it feels great in your hands.

Thanks to the screen having 100% sRGB color accuracy, it’s also pretty potent when conducting design work or simply watching your favorite shows. It’s optimized with Dolby Vision, too, with a Dolby Atmos speaker system ensuring it sounds great as well. With fast booting, incredible battery life, and even intelligent cooling, the Lenovo Yoga 7i is packed full of useful features that make your life easier. It even has a built-in fingerprint reader for speedy logins. Plus, there’s Alexa support so you can benefit from instructing your laptop with your voice rather than needing to get hands-on. It’s a tremendously versatile system.

HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 Laptop — $830, was $970

Why Buy:

The HP Pavilion x360 convertible is a great all-rounder thanks to its 2-in-1 nature. It’s easily used as a laptop or as a form of tablet, all with the advantages of Windows 11. Its 15.6-inch full HD display is a touchscreen so you can get more hands-on with whatever you’re doing without worrying about needing to use the trackpad instead. Thanks to the laptop’s hinge, it also has four different modes so you can adjust the laptop to just the right angle for the purpose. Whether you’re making a presentation, using it as a laid back tablet while you relax, or keen to stream content to it, the HP Pavilion x360 convertible can do it all.

That’s further helped by its other features. For instance, it has HP Dual Speakers with Audio by B&O. That means its sound is superior to many other competitors so it’s a richer experience if you watch a lot of movies or shows on the move. Its 11th-generation Intel Core i7 processor is paired up with 16GB of memory which is far more than many other options so it’s easily able to multitask without missing a beat. It also has 512GB of SSD storage so there’s plenty of room for storing all your most valuable files and more. At all times, you’re only ever 45 minutes away from recharging your laptop to 50%, proving super useful if you’re in a rush. It also includes a fingerprint reader which will save you time entering passwords.

Impressively, the HP Pavilion x360 convertible is also made with the environment in mind. It’s built using sustainable materials like ocean-bound plastic in the speaker enclosure. It also has keycaps made with post-consumer recycled plastic. It’s those little things that mean you’re sure to feel more confident that you’re doing your bit for the environment with this purchase.

MSI Sword 15.6 Gaming Laptop — $900, was $1,200

Why Buy:

If you don’t want to spend a fortune, the MSI Sword 15.6-inch gaming laptop is a wise bet for anyone checking out the best gaming laptops. Well-priced, it still includes all the key features you could need when gaming on the move. Besides its Intel i7 processor, it has 8GB of memory and 512GB of SSD storage. The memory is a little on the low side with 16GB being the preferred amount for gaming, but it’s still more than competent in many cases. 512GB of SSD storage means you won’t have to worry about running out of space fast either with plenty of room to install your favorite games.

Of course, with any gaming system, the graphics card is a pivotal part. The MSI Sword 15.6-inch gaming laptop has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti which is capable of playing the latest games at a decent quality level. To further help matters, the MSI Sword 15.6-inch gaming laptop also has a 15.6-inch full HD display with 144Hz refresh rate. A high refresh rate means that action is super smooth even if you’re playing fast-paced games. It’s a great way of getting the most from your graphics card but it also means that even browsing the internet quickly looks that touch smoother and less blurry as well.

Alongside all that, the MSI Sword 15.6-inch gaming laptop has a fairly neat-looking aesthetic. Designed with gamers in mind, it has different colored keycaps compared to the rest of the laptop so it really stands out. With plenty of USB ports, it’s good to go for hooking up to other devices, too, so you’re always ready to game. It’s a great example of a gaming laptop that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy.

ASUS ROG 16 Gaming Laptop — $1,150, was $1,450

Why Buy:

Best i7 Laptop Deals: Savings of up to 4 today

The ASUS ROG 16-inch gaming laptop is a really stylish-looking gaming laptop. It’s got that look that works just as well in the office or on your commute, as it does when sitting in your gaming den. Fortunately, it’s not all looks and no action either. Besides its Intel Core i7 processor, it has all the hardware you could need for gaming at this price range. That includes the all-important 16GB of memory which is the sweet spot for gaming. It also has 512GB of SSD storage so you can install plenty of your favorite games at once without worrying.

The heart of a gaming system is its graphics card and the ASUS ROG 16-inch gaming laptop has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti which is more than competent when it comes to playing all the latest games. Paired up well with it is an excellent display. It has a 16-inch WUXGA display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200. An impressive refresh rate of 144Hz means that action looks incredibly smooth even when playing the fastest of games. Also, a response time of just 3ms means that your reactions won’t falter either. 500nits of brightness means it looks great and vibrant at all times.

Elsewhere, the ASUS ROG 16-inch gaming laptop is virtual reality ready if you plan on hooking up a headset. It also has six speakers that are powered by Dolby Atmos technology. Force canceling woofers further help here, too. An HDMI output means you can hook it up to a second screen, whether that be a monitor or 4K TV. Also, it weighs just 4.19 pounds which is pretty good for a gaming laptop, and measures only 0.78-inch thin so it’s easy to carry around with you. Well designed in every way, the ASUS ROG 16-inch gaming laptop is a really stylish way of gaming on the move.

Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 Laptop — $1,300, was $1,770

Why Buy:

The Lenovo Yoga 9i is a great way of enjoying having both a tablet and laptop whenever you need it while not missing out on powerful performance. Of course it has an Intel Core i7 processor but it’s the 1185G7 variety so it’s that bit speedier than other 2-in-1 laptops. Joining it is 8GB of memory at a faster speed than others (4,266MHz) along with 512GB of memory. While a purist may like to see 16GB of memory, we’re simply happy to see it being the faster kind of memory that you tend to see in laptops. It means this is a great device for working productively with no need to worry about running out of storage space either thanks to there being 512GB to fill.

In addition, there’s the all-important display. The Lenovo Yoga 9i offers up a 14-inch full HD screen with touchscreen support and Dolby Vision too. 400nits of brightness means this is a delightfully vivid screen to use too so it’s perfectly suited for designing presentations or simply watching your favorite shows via streaming apps. Keen to be designed to be super responsive, the Lenovo Yoga 9i is ideal for multitasking so you could even do both at the same time if that works for you.

The Lenovo Yoga 9i has been designed to look and feel great too. It has an aerospace-grade metal 2-in-1 chassis that keeps your device safe at all times. Designed for form and function, it feels great under your fingertips. Your fingers will come in extra handy too thanks to the Lenovo Yoga 9i having a built-in fingerprint reader to save you entering passwords manually. It also has useful features like a webcam privacy shutter and a garaged pen so you can use fingers, keyboard, or stylus to get your work done. A truly great combination of tablet and laptop, the Lenovo Yoga 9i is a real game changer for working on the move.

Dell XPS 13 Touchscreen Laptop — $1,519, was $1,920

Why Buy:

The Dell XPS 13 is a dream to use and look at. That’s hardly surprising given it comes from one of the best laptop brands and features in our look at the best laptops but we still marvel at it. Each laptop enclosure has been sculpted by a CNC machining process so it has an elegant aluminum chassis with high build quality that’s stronger than if it used plastic. While it offers a 13-inch display, it squeezes into a footprint nearer to that of an 11-inch laptop because it’s been so well designed to use its space well.

That display is gorgeous, too. It uses a 13.4-inch OLED screen so that blacks are deeper and colors are more vibrant. 400nits of brightness and anti-reflecting coating further help here, plus it’s a touchscreen, which is useful for those times you want to get more hands-on with what you’re doing. Performance is speedy thanks to it using an Intel Core i7 1165G7 along with 8GB of memory plus a massive 512GB of SSD storage. It’s everything you could need to work on the move in an efficient manner.

The Dell XPS 13 is full of little details, too. It has a carbon fiber palm rest that is inspired by the aerospace industry. Its screen uses the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 6 so it is impact and scratch-resistant. Also, it’s easier to open than previous versions thanks to its new twin coil press-fit hinge. Everything about it has been designed with convenience in mind so that it’s lightweight yet packs a punch where it counts, right down to a larger touchpad than before and an edge-to-edge backlit keyboard with larger keycaps. It’s a dream to use while looking great.

Dell XPS 15 Touchscreen Laptop — $1,862, was $2,300

Why Buy:

The Dell XPS 15 Touch is perfectly pitched at anyone who needs to work hard on the move while also occasionally getting some gaming time in, too. At its heart is an Intel Core i7 11800H processor that is perfectly paired up with 16GB of memory. That’s just what you need to be able to multitask without missing a beat and it really shows in use. Further helping matters is 512GB of SSD storage so there’s always plenty of room to store your most important documents and install some games. Because, yes, the Dell XPS 15 Touch is capable of playing games, too. That’s thanks to its Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics card which enables you to play the latest games at a reasonable quality level.

While at this price, the Dell XPS 15 Touch is more geared toward productivity tasks, it’s still great for getting some gaming time in. Display-wise, you get a 15.6-inch 3.5K screen with a fantastic resolution of 3456 x 2160. It’s an OLED display, too, so you can enjoy the deepest blacks and brightest colors while you play or watch something. 400nits of brightness and an edge-to-edge display means the Dell XPS 15 Touch looks gorgeous. And as the name suggests, it’s a touchscreen display so you can get tactile with whatever you’re doing. The only downside is it has a refresh rate of 60Hz which isn’t great for gaming but other than that, it’s phenomenal.

The Dell XPS 15 Touch is brilliantly designed. It has a stunning edge-to-edge view along with an advanced thermal design so it stays cooler for longer. The smallest 15.6-inch performance class laptop out there right now, it won’t take up any more room than it has to, making it ideal for taking out and about with you. Thin and comfortable, it’s a dream to use every time.

Dell XPS 17 Touchscreen Laptop — $2,156, was $2,850

Why Buy:

The Dell XPS 17 is keen to be everything to all people. It has some immensely powerful hardware under its gorgeous hood so it’s an ideal choice if you want the fastest performance while you work. Alongside that, it also has a fairly potent dedicated graphics card so it’s more than capable of playing the latest games. An amazing display helps out here too with only one caveat that may bother some gamers as the display only has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Still, despite that, the Dell XPS 17 is super powerful. It has an Intel Core i7 11800H processor with an improved cache of 24MB compared to others. It also boasts 16GB of memory ensuring that multitasking will never be a problem here. 1TB of SSD storage is twice as much as many other laptops provide so you’re simply never going to run out of room. Basically, the Dell XPS 17 is ideally suited for video editing thanks to this and its inclusion of a dedicated graphics card. That card is an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 with 6GB of VRAM so it’s easily able to stand up to your video editing requests.

Alongside that, the Dell XPS 17 has a 17-inch 4K screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2400. It offers 500nits of brightness plus it’s a touchscreen display. The only thing against it is that it only has a 60Hz refresh rate which lets the side down when it comes to fast moving action. Despite that though, the Dell XPS 17 rarely misses a beat. It’s stylishly designed with advanced cooling systems, a form factor that’s more like a 15-inch laptop, and some great features like a larger touchpad and keyboard than other competitors. It always feels great to use and like you’ve truly invested in a powerhouse. Because that’s exactly what you’ve done.

When are the best i7 laptop deals?

The best time to check out the i7 laptop deals is — predictably — when you need a new laptop. Odds are if you need a new laptop, you need it right now. For instance, if your existing setup has just failed or you’re struggling to get by on an ageing system, you probably don’t want to have to wait any longer than you have to in a bid to upgrade. Simply put, it’s okay to buy now. By buying now, you get a new i7 laptop straight away and at a time when — presumably — you can afford it. However, if you’re willing to wait a bit, there are certain times of year where the best i7 laptop deals tend to pop up.

The next big sales event is Prime Day. It’s held each July as it marks Amazon’s birthday. Exclusive to Prime members, it also tends to lead to other retailers getting involved and having their own sale around the same time, so it’s a great time to check out what’s available and save big. Amazon alone tends to heavily discount the most highly sought after technology which — of course — includes laptops. However, you will need to be patient and wait until July to see what’s available.

If you can be even more patient, Black Friday and Cyber Monday tend to offer even better i7 laptop deals. Both events don’t happen until after Thanksgiving which means you’ll need to wait until late November to see what’s on sale. If you’re not in a rush to buy a new laptop, that can be worthwhile. Black Friday and Cyber Monday typically offer the best discounts and deals of the year.

However, by waiting until the holiday season, you may have a problem. For instance, these sales tend to be in high demand so there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get the laptop you want. For another, you may find your finances are a little stretched. After all, it’s likely you’re paying for the holidays and gifts for people, so you may find your laptop budget is more limited than buying at another time of year.

Ultimately, only you know when is best to buy a new i7 laptop. If you need it now, there are still some awesome deals out there so you can save big.

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