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How to fix the Driver unloaded error in Windows 11

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Users previously reported an IntcOED.sys BSOD error for Windows 10. That’s a blue screen issue with a Driver unloaded without canceling pending operations error message. Now users have posted on forums about that same issue arising in Windows 11. One user’s forum post said this:

After having Windows 10 update to Windows 11 in December 2021, I am facing this issue:

What Failed: ‘IntcOED.sys’
Stop Code: Driver Unloaded without canceling pending operations

How to fix the Driver unloaded error in Windows 11

Some users have reported that Driver unloaded BSOD errors arise when they start, or shortly after starting, their PCs. Other users have said this blue screen error occurs after their computers come out of sleep mode. Those users have needed to fix recurring Driver unloaded errors.

Do you need to fix a recurring Driver unloaded error in Windows 11 as well? If so, try applying the potential resolutions for the Driver unloaded without canceling pending operations error below.

What is a blue screen error?

Blue screen errors, also known as stop errors, are those with blue backgrounds and stop codes. They are also referred to as fatal system errors because the Windows OS stops operating. Windows restarts after collecting info after blue screen errors arise.

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors can often pertain to device drivers. A Microsoft webpage says the big M estimates that 70 percent of blue screen errors pertain to third-party device drivers. The Driver unloaded error message specifies the IntcOED.sys driver for Intel Smart Sound Technology.

A one-off BSOD issue isn’t an especially big deal. After restarting Windows, the blue screen error might never occur again. However, users need to fix blue screen errors when they recur on their Windows PCs.

How can I fix the driver unloaded without canceling pending operations error in Windows 11?

1. Update Windows 11

2. Run a System File Scan

3. Run Startup Repair

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4. Update device drivers in Windows 11

Expert Tip: Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is.
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As the Driver unloaded error is often due to faulty or outdated drivers, try updating device drivers. To check the status of your PC’s drivers, run a scan with a third-party driver updater utility, such as DriverFix. That software will provide a full overview of outdated or faulty device drivers on your PC.

After scanning, you can click DriverFix’s Update All button. Doing so will download new drivers for all those listed devices with outdated or faulty ones. If you have the Pro version, you can select to automatically install drivers. Our DriverFix Review provides further details about that software.

There are also other ways you can generally update device drivers in Windows 11. Check out our How to easily update drivers on Windows 11 guide for full guidelines.

5. Uninstall the Smart Sound Technology (SST) driver

NOTEIf you see any devices with exclamation marks by them in Device Manager, reinstall the drivers for them. To do so, you’ll need to uninstall drivers as outlined above. Then download the latest driver packages for the devices from their manufacturers’ websites to reinstall them.

6. Disable Intelppm.sys

7. Reset Windows 11

NOTENote that you’ll need to reinstall software packages that didn’t come pre-installed with Windows 11 after resetting the platform. Therefore, it’s recommended that you try some of the alternative resolutions before resetting Windows 11.

How can I enter Safe Mode to apply the above fixes?

If you can’t get into Windows 11 to apply the above fixes because of the Driver unloaded error, you’ll need to boot into Safe Mode via the Advanced Startup Options menu. You can also apply some of the above resolutions from the recovery environment. This is how to boot into Safe Mode.

The Driver unloaded error isn’t the most straightforward issue to fix. However, users have confirmed they’ve been able to fix that error in Windows 11 with some of the potential resolutions above. So, maybe one of them will resolve the Driver unloaded error on your PC as well.

For further potential resolutions, Microsoft’s Troubleshoot blue screen error page might be worth a look. That webpage includes a troubleshooter that provides general BSOD fixes. Our How to fix IntcOED errors guide might also include some potential fixes for the Driver unloaded error.

You can chat about the Driver unloaded error in this page’s comments section below. Feel free to enter any pertinent questions about that BSOD error there. Users who’ve found other ways to fix the same issue are especially welcome to share their resolutions below.

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