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How to Make a Vlog with Your Smartphone

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From do-it-yourself tutorials to vlogs documenting everyday life, there are all sorts of creative ways you can use a smartphone to make a vlog. You don't need expensive equipment or even a computer to get startedall you need is your phone and a little bit of creativity. Here are six simple steps to get started making your own vlog today.

How to Make a Vlog with Your Smartphone  

6 Steps to Get Start Your Vlog

Choose Your Topic

The first step is to choose the topic of your vlog. This can be anything from documenting your daily life to sharing a particular hobby or interest. Once you've decided on a topic, it's time to start brainstorming some video ideas.

Brainstorm Video Ideas

Think about the types of videos you could make that would be interesting and engaging for your intended audience. A few ideas might be giving a tour of your home, showing off a new outfit, cooking a favorite recipe, or sharing a helpful tip or tutorial. Once you have some ideas, it's time to start planning your videos.

Plan Your Videos

For each video, you want to make, write down a brief outline of what you'll be doing and saying in the video. This doesn't have to be anything too detaileda couple of sentences for each video should suffice. Planning ahead will help ensure that your videos are cohesive and flow well from one to the next.

Gather Your Supplies

Now it's time to gather any supplies you'll need for your vlogging adventure. The first thing you need is a smartphone, nowadays there are many smartphones that have some features for vlogging. For example, the Honor 70 has a Solo Cut Mode which can record video of a selected person without moving your phone (Solo View) with one click. Now the HONOR 70 black friday deals, you can get it at a more affordable price. What's more, if you're planning on doing any makeup tutorials, for example, you'll need things like makeup, brushes, and mirrors. If you're going to do cooking videos, make sure you have all the ingredients and cooking supplies on hand that you'll need. Once you have everything gathered, it's time to start filming!

How to Make a Vlog with Your Smartphone  

Film Your Videos

Now the fun part beginsit's time to start filming your videos! Begin with whichever video idea is easiest or most comfortable for you, then work your way down the list until you've filmed all the videos on your list. If possible, film all your videos in one sitting so that they maintain a similar feel and energy throughout.    

Edit and Publish Your Videos

Once you've filmed all your videos, it's time for the final step: editing and publishing! Depending on the type of phone you have, there may be built-in editing software that you can use (iPhone users can take advantage of iMovie, for example). If not, don't worrythere are plenty of great free video editors available online (HitFilm Express is one option). Simply upload your videos into the editor of your choice and get creative! Once you're happy with how they look, publish them to YouTube or any other platform of your choosing and share them with the world!  


Making a vlog with your smartphone is a great way to be creative, document your life, and connect with others. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can have your very own vlog up and running in no time!