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Start your engines: Windows 11 ready for broad deployment

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Microsoft has quietly updated its release health dashboard and declared Windows 11 "designated for broad deployment."

Adoption of Microsoft's latest OS stalled in recent months as enthusiasts that could upgrade did, and those who didn't meet Microsoft's draconian list of hardware requirements mostly remained on Windows 10.

A wave of enterprise upgrades is yet to materialize, with many organisations opting to stick with what they know, although the designation of being "broad deployment" ready will make it easier to add the upgrade to the corporate roadmap.

Windows 10 2004 or later (with no safeguard holds) is required for an upgrade and Microsoft would very much like users to sign in with a Microsoft Account "to get the most out of your Windows 11 experience."

Start your engines: Windows 11 ready for broad deployment

22H2 is coming...

The next major release of Windows 11 (22H2, due later this year) looks set to drop local accounts entirely, meaning that either a Microsoft or corporate login will be needed to get up and running.

The only safeguard hold at present, according to Microsoft, is a compatibility issue with Intel Smart Sound Technology and Windows 11. Mitigating the issue requires an updated sound driver.

Microsoft will not be forcing Windows 11 on users this time around, other than displaying a brief message in Windows Update. This is handy, because the changes in the operating system could be a little jarring for some users. Users have mixed reactions to the updated Start Menu, and other UI changes, such as tweaks to the taskbar and a rounding of corners, are not being warmly welcomed by all.

Windows 10 will also remain supported through 2025, regardless of that "broad deployment" tag.

It seems unlikely that the updated status of Windows 11 will result in a surge of devices running the platform.

While Microsoft has not shared specific numbers, ad slinger AdDuplex shared figures last month showing the operating system's market share had barely moved in recent months while Lansweeper's data showed enterprises continuing to steer clear. ®

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